How can you corrupt something so beautiful?

2 Nov

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-kkkkeeiiiiiiiii you guuiiissseee! I haven’t been on here for like twenty freaking year! FORGIVE MEH!

I has been berry buussssyyyy! Check out my DeviantArt if you no believe me!

And check out my Youtube as well, I update that more than my blog


But anyways, don’t you just hate it when people INSIST ON RUINING SOMETHING! It’s like what they’ve done to television and music, they have eaten in alliiivvvee! I mean, some TV and music now is good but not the originals. Like Bob The Builder, Postman Pat, Fireman Sam. THEY HAVE CHANGED IT SO MUCH THAT KIDS DON’T KNOW WHAT THE ORIGINAL WAS LIKE! THE ORIGINAL IS BETTER! Like with crisps too :3 


But anyway the point I’m trying to make (I’m having too much fun with the analogies and images!) is that when you like something and someone has to go and ruin it, or expose it to a bigger group of people which stops it from being special to you.


This goes for two things for me

  • Cosplay Epic Failers
  • People that know me that have no interest in otaku-ism that attend cons

The latter, there’s some guy in my school who is a complete bumlick and a beg decided to go to the London MCM Expo, and I had a freaking orgasmic time and I now have such an amazing new family of friends! But I saw his picture and it made me want to be sick, posing by a Sasuke doing the Casjj sign (A-OK  facing upwards) 



I’m just like WTF? I know I read too much into situations but he’s making a mockery of us cosplayers, taking pictures with them when I know that he’s laughing about them with his mates. And I’m totally regretting going back to school, as they’ll be taking the piss and it actually really hurts me. I have to go to school with complete cock suckers and I don’t how much longer till I fucking have a meltdown. I will lash out I prrooommiisssee you.


Like on my Facebook I normally update my Cosplaying Progress or talk about cons and what not, but the tree bummers have to comment on it and fucking take the piss. (Emotional bit) I mean I never used to mind, but it gets annoying when I know that they bitch about me whenever they have the chance. I mean I’m amazing but gosh, get a life instead of hating on me all the time. Everything I do I can’t get away from the bastards that I’m sure that their life goal is to ruin my life as much as possible. I feel like I have no freedom and I’m proud of being who I am. I wear my Cosplayer title with pride but people want to knock me down and watch me suffer. When I was travelling back from the Expo, 11 year old girls who came back from Westfield were taking photos of me without my permission on their stupid Blackberrys and old guys were staring at me, drunk prats came over to me, and I felt humiliated. I wanted to cry on the spot right there, but that would’ve been even worse for me. So I cried for 2 hours when I got home. I shouldn’t feel like that, Cosplayers, Otakus, game addicts, fanatics, nerds, whatever people who are true to themselves should not feel like that! It’s degrading. I love the world that us Otakus have created and as soon as I get back to school, people will try and cut my ties with that world I live in. The world I love. I’m trying to hold onto is as much as I can. So lesson for all of y’all, be proud of your identity! And I love how I’m like preaching about this sorta shit and I’m only 15! (Emotional bit over)


Right, the former issue. Cosplay Epic Failers. I know it’s horrible to say “Oh her cosplay is crap!” and I’m not going to say that as I respect every single cosplayer that tries their best to create something! I respect. But not necessarily like the actual cosplayer. As you know the outsiders are dicks but some cosplayers are complete twats and a half.  It’s the way they present their cosplaying, and the way they represent what they’re cosplaying as. I cosplayed Merrill from Dragon Age 2, with a whole freaking awesome group of Dragon Age 2 cosplayers (YOU HAVE TO CHECK MY YOUTUBE AND DEVIANTART TO KNOW WHAT’S BEEN GOING DOWN!) I think we should be the Official Dragon Age Cosplay group. We’re cast properly (we’re way ahead in terms in character, we play them so well) and our costumes are freaking awesome, we all have this professionalism and we don’t create stupid little skits which don’t contain any trace of humour. We are representing the Dragon Age world man, we are Thedasians!  Although we derp, in a good way. We got seksuhi members of out group (Actually guys instead of a group of clit rubbers) and I have to say we’re all good looking! I have low self esteem but I feel comfortable saying that as I feel it’s the truth. We’ve already had a lot of positive feedback from the Netizens and I’d like to ask my readers if you could publicize us, on forums (We got a thread on Bioware but another mention would be sexay!) and wherever so we can claim our right to the Dragon Age Official cosplay group.


I sound like a usurper, I’m not. They have no right to even cosplay Dragon Age (Kekekek! I’m a meanie but I’m in the zone!) And if you guys even like Dragon Age and you’re a cosplayer, please joiiiiinnn us!



We need to seal the treaties so we can defeat the threat of the Blight. So guys! SUPPORT US!


I love you all and I’m going to leave you with a sexay picture.



Truer words ever spoken.





















































I’m an Eyeko Ambassador!

26 Sep

Heyo my beauties! :D I’m now an Eyeko Ambassador! I’ve been obsessed with the brand and I loooovvveeeee some of their products! Especially their Graffiti Eyeliner and their nail polishes!

If you use my code : E17877

You can get 15% off if you spend over £15!! :D I AM FOR REAL MAAAAAANNNNN!

I AM SERIOUS YOU GUYS! This is no hoax! Eyeko is like amazing! I’ve had their eyeliner for more than a year (un-hygenic I know!) but it still works wonders and the colour pay-off and the lasting power is the bomb! :D

So just go onto and enter my code: E17877

Please please please you will not regret this! You’ll get a free gift and you’ll be buying some great quality make-up!

This is the message I send on Facebook to my friends, so if you’re on my friends list, no it’s not spam, it’s mmeee!

Use my Ambassador code E17877 to receive a free gift with all purchases over £15/€18/$20 at


I love you all!

– Phoebe HaiKarate x

Garnier B.B Cream… WTF?!

9 Aug

Okay, being mixed race, half Asian and half British has it perks.


But I get really pissed off when other countries try and dupe someone else’s “swag”. Ahehe.




I love B.B. Cream, I like Missha, Skin79, SkinFood, Etude. Original.


If you don’t know what B.B. Cream is, google it.


It’s been popular in Asia for quite some time now but well done GARNIER! YOU BROUGHT IT INTO THIS FUCKING COUNTRY!


People will be like “Oh I love B.B. Cream. Garnier invented it.”






I went on Superdrug to look for some nail polish and LO BEHOLD! A FUCKING ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE B.B. CREAM!


What the hell?

I’m not a fan of Garnier as it’s products don’t work :/


Hope you guys have a lovely day :)

What’s miffing me at the moment

9 Aug

[WARNING] Contains strong language.


OK. If you haven’t heard you’re about to hear it.

London is having a meltdown. And the whole of Britain is about to follow.

Riots have been going on for 4 days now.

All because some man who tried to shoot a police officer, got shot and died.

I understand peaceful protests but…


Some cunts who can’t even spell RESPECT are running round fucking the whole of London up!

My parents have always told me to clean up after I make a mess.


They don’t want to even take responsibility for what they’ve done to our capital.

They aren’t even fighting for the rights of a man who died.

They just wanna get some Air Forces.

Stupid little cunt lickers who can’t even buy something in Primark. They have to loot to get what they want. PRIMARK IS CHEAP MAN!

They wanna have “fun”. Fine whatever. JUST GO AND PLAY ON YOUR BLACK OPS, JHEEZE!


Right I mean this might seem exciting and what not, but why you getting other people involved in this shit. Yeah run around screaming. But why the fuck are you burning vehicles?  WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU BURNING DOWN BUILDINGS?!

Things that people have worked so hard for are now ashes.

You complete time wasting pieces of shit.

There are people out there with their lives at risk even more so. Because some pikeys can’t even afford a new pair of trainers!


Ok. I know some of the people that said they were participating. So this is what she said on her Facebook yesterday evening. And also my family live in Lewisham/Lee area but I’m staying with my Mum in Ealing :( which is just as fucking bad. But my “friend” is out in Lewisham looting and shit.

“********** – Everyone Needs To Shut The Fuck Up! About Grow Up! Etc. Police Are Hated By Basically Everyone..​. They Always Asume, Acuse, Stereo-Typ​e & Discrimina​te! Finally We All Have A Chance To Get Back At Them, Get Justice & Free Airforces From JD! So Why The Fuck Are You Complainin​g? Wear A Hoodie, Cover Your Face… And Join In The Fun! You Will Regret It If You Dont… Fuck Feds, The Law & The Government​! We Rule London Now! Police Cant Control No-one!
16 hours ago “

And this as well.

– Your Either Gonna Be:
One Of Those People Who Sit In There Yard Complaining About Riots!
One Of Those People Screaming ‘Fuck It Whats Done Is Done’ And Join In!
– Stop Complaining… Your Words Aint Helping No One. Actions Speak Louder Than Words.. So If You Dislike Riots So Much, Beg You Just Jump In With The Police & STFU!

15 hours ago

So that’s what she had to say. Her little input. I used to love her but the fact that she’s getting involved in some major shit down here is putting me off.


I don’t wanna preach to you and be like “JUVENILE DELINQUENTS” but this has to freaking stop!

“How are we supposed to stand up for rights if the stupid klutz don’t even know the meaning of responsibility! They don’t even want to be responsible for their actions and they are completely selfish gits. If it was for example an ethnic minority causing this or another group of people THEY’D be the ones moaning and saying how it’s not fair! GAWD! “

That was me on DeviantArt talking to RedGal91 (she’s aaammmaaazzzziinnnngggg) about the whole thing as she lives near Lewisham.

My friend Firat Geyik said:

“Allow all the black people still arguing that the rioters are not black. Can you not see race is not the issue we are dealing with, you are not even arguing against the rioters all you are saying is ‘Fam they not black fam why all this gassed news reporters chatting shit’. What so there all white? I would say a good 90 % is black. No racism intended.”

Anti-riot group on Facebook posted this:

“Just heard a rumour that the Camden underworld has been burnt out AND the electric ballroom… Any confirmation on that?”

Sonia Leong posted this ( LOVE FOR SONIA!)

“London Riots – actions to take, no matter where you live
Everyone around the world will know by now about what’s been happening in London (and now, other major cities in the UK). I’m incensed at the horrific acts of violence, arson and looting by..”

This is a  great group on Facebook! They just started up yesterday and they already have half a million likes. So please visit them for updates if you’re in the UK. 

And also this group is helpful!

So you guys get the picture. If you can help in anyway, if you know someone who’s been involved or anything like that please contact somebody so we can as a country sort out this mayhem.

Pray for England.

For live updates visit  

The story of my hair

6 Aug

Okay, this post may contain some camera whoring but hey! So this is the story line of my hair. I mean now I wanna go brown again. I really am fickle which is a bad trait to have girlies!


So to begin with my hair was brown. I mean I tried to dye it wash in blonde and wash in sorta red like on October-November time. But before that I was pure brown.



So that was me when I cut my hair after people upset me! Waaahhhh!!


Then I wanted to dye my hair pink. Which failed. I didn’t bleach it at all, just put semi permanent right on. It didn’t make much difference but in the light it shone a little pink.



Okay next stop was black. Right, the whole relationship thing plummeted into the fiery depths of hell for me, so I decided to go black. Nyahahah! It looks nice but apparently my face looked dull. Wah!



Then I wanted a change. First off I wanted to go pink, then blonde like platinum blonde with purple highlights, then I wanted pink.


So I wanted pink which failed. This involved bleaching my hair… and then dying it pink…


Painful huh?


Then very naughty of me. I bleached it again. It’s so bad for my hair but hhhhheeeyyyyy.


Me dying it again! It’s so weird, it seems so long ago!!



Theres me now!! OH MY FUDGE! :D


But it’s starting to fade I guess, the roots are coming through like wow!


This was taken a couple of days ago. Ignore my horrible facial expression :)


So thats all for now my little pumpkin pies!



Lemons and Lewisham People’s Day

27 Jul

Ohhhhhhh, life is a sunny place. Yay!

Okay, I’m being extremely cheerful for me, I know, I’m normally ranting on about something or explaining my complex feelings to a computer screen but I’m actually really really happy! WAHEY!

I have a new found love for lemons now. I’m going to start collecting lemon related things. I mean I have a bear called Lemon, my room used to have lemon paint on the walls, I love lemonade, I have a poster with lemons on. IT’S GREAT!


So if you guys could tell me about lemon related things, it would be mucho appreciated.


Cosplays for London MCM Expo October

27 Jul

I feel like I’m letting myself down in a sense. I mean, I’ll love doing the cosplays I’ve planned but I feel like I’ve down graded myself.


But it’s just as well since being ambitious while cosplaying costs a lot of moneys which I probably can’t afford! ^_^”


So I’m going as Luka Megurine from Just Be Friends and Miku Hatsune (again) but this time from Rolling Girl.


I’m excited for the con though, so I have a couple of months to put together this simple outfit which I can probably do.


But tis a shame, my planned one for this October, I guess is on hiatus till next October!

nutella cheesecake layer bars (via The Moonlight Baker)

30 Jun

Oh my god, this looks MUNCH! Imma write down the recipe and eat this mother fucking thang <3

nutella cheesecake layer bars I am very much a creature of habit. Daily routines, favorite foods, clothing styles, music preferences . . . It's all so predictable. So of course, my shopping tendencies are no different. Case in point: 3 of the same horizontal-striped shirts from Gap in different color combinations.  (To be fair, I found two of them on sale.  Win win win!) I don't know what it is about theses simple stripes that I like so much, but I always (and that's no exagg … Read More

via The Moonlight Baker

If you could only watch one TV show what would it be?

26 Jun

Jersey Shore!

Everything <3

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Review)

26 Jun kanye-album-cover-1

Ok. I’d like to just say that Kanye West is such an inspiration to me. I mean, I’m not a die hard fan for him like I am for Gaga but it’s getting to that! I love Kanye West, and for me I used to just know a handful of his hits but not know like a whole album.


Until my good friend Bobby!

Isn’t he a beauty?


Back to the point, he’d been meaning to lend me Yeezy’s album and finally he did!!!


So I went home, turned on my stereo and started raving to All Of The Lights, Monster and Runaway. Then I listened to all the other tracks. Bobby said to me “At first it’s good but near the end it starts to get a bit bleh.” (SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES! NOT EXACT WORDS I KNOW!)

That was my first impression too, but I have to say, I love adore every single one of the tracks on the album. They are fucking amazing!!! I love all the collabs he did and some of the vocals are fucking mind-blowing!

So track by track (chronologically) here is my review!


  1. Dark Fantasy – Nicki Minaj’s introduction is so funny! Gawsh! She’s nuts! I love the beats and the melody! So creative! Kanye, it’s a perfect intro to the album and I love it!
  2. Gorgeous – Jesus! Kid Cudi’s vocals. Phwoar! They are shexy! I love this song! So catchy and I find myself humming to it throughout the day!
  3. Power – To begin with, I never knew this was Kanye’s. I heard it on a car commercial! So I was shocked when I first heard it play. I took a liking to it almost instantly! I love how from 3:20 it changes an the vocals from 3:30 are fucking beautiful!
  4. All of The Lights Interlude – Fucking breathtaking.
  5. All of The Lights – One of my favourites from Kanye. I love the music video where he’s on the top of the police car! I think this song to me has mixed messages, between losing something special to you, realising your surroundings, adjusting to change, although the lyrics may seem (Rihanna’s bit) to do with seeing the body in a sexual way, I think it’s talking about being exposed and letting people see you. So I fucking want to eat this song!
  6. Monster – What can I say? Another beautiful baby born by Kanye. I love love love “I’m a mother fucking monster!” How he’s so casual about it and how he adds a relaxed cockiness to the song! Jay Z and Nicki Minaj, wowza, they are fucking killing it! It’s just one of those ‘Bad Mood’ songs which you can blast from your speakers. I fucking love Monster!
  7. So Appalled – This song makes me feel so so melancholy. It’s unreal, but I love the amount of different artists contributing to this!  It reminds me of this game I playe don Neopets and the music was soooo sad and I swear the music is similiar (checking it out now!) Check out to see why I think they are similar  and it has a sense of no hope which I love, I get the feeling all of the time! So I applaud you for making me feel these emotions Yeezy!
  8. Devil in a New Dress – I don’t know how, but this song transports me to New York, Brooklyn, I dunno, but the sort of industrial late afternoon that you don’t get in the UK. I love love love iiiitttt! Wah! I love you Knaye! MARRY ME!
  9. Runaway – I feel like singing this to my ex. As this is exactly what I feel like. I love how relentlessly he portrays his feelings through this track, “Lets have a toast to the douche bags!” I can really relate as I know so so many! I mean this song is so so beautiful, and I love the music video! I love at the beginning how it plays the same keys on the piano, like it’s being played by an amateur and maybe thats what Kanye is trying to get across, that he’s an amateur in relationships and I dunno! I guess. I love it regardless.
  10. Hell of a life – Ahaha! I love how he can freely rap about his past relationships! I wish I could! But it’s so creative how he can take his pain and make it into something enjoyable for others. I love this record and it’s so cocky!
  11. Blame Game – Chris Rock… BWAHAHAHAHAH! Jesus! I laughed my arse off at the dialogue! “Yeezy taught me!” JEEZ! IT’S SO FUNNY! And I can really relate to the lyrics in this too! John Legend’s vocals are incredible!
  12. Lost in the World – This song can really lift my mood and make me feel good. I just wanna blast this out while cruising along the coast! I love this song, the robotic style voices are fucking to die for! I love it and I can’t help but sing along! GO KANYE!
  13. Who will survive in America? – I love how this reminds me of a President’s speech. I mean, if anyoone ever declared the things said in this, I’d love them forever! I love the metaphors used and it’s the perfect outro to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.



Thank you Kanye West for pleasuring my ears with such eargasms! My ears thank you! “When I see Yeezy Imma thank him!” Thank you Kanye for aiding my OST of my life. I love you and I’ll always support you!






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